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How to Recognize Organic Products

Organic Products do not contain chemicals and additives that harm humans and ecosystems. Organic products are monitored throughout the process from farm to fork.   

Products that are identified as natural, ecological, additive-free, rural produce, or hormone-free are not necessarily organic products. Organic products cannot be recognized by color, taste or through other senses.

Organic products can only be recognized by its logo or its certificate.

Unpacked domestic products should have an organic product certificate. Packed products should have the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock’ organic product logo and are also required to have the logo of the authorized inspection and certification body and a farm code number verified by the ministry.

Imported products can have the given logos according the imported country’s regulation. They may be presented using different terms such as ‘eco’ or ‘bio’. Every imported product should be re-certificated before been commercialized in the Turkish market. If the imported products’ country of origin does not have any organic product regulation, the product cannot be certified.